* Acupuncture (with or without needles)
* Acupressure and neuro-muscular Massage Therapy
* Chinese herbal remedies
* Traditional Oriental medical diagnostic techniques
* Acupuncture point injection therapy using Homeopathic remedies
* Japanese non-needle treatments using Ito magnets
* Low-energy laser acupuncture
* Electro-acupuncture
* Auricular therapy (Ear reflex points)

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We will very often recommend specific Chinese herbs to our patients and these are also available at our clinic.
Massage Therapy is also available for relaxation or pain relief. We offer a variety of styles including:

Shiatsu Acupressure Reflexology

Jean Nixon is a licensed massage therapist and currently works with her husband, Michael Nixon DOM, an Acupuncture Physician at the Acu-Pain Relief Center in Tallahassee , FL. 

Jean's specialty is Acupressure Massage (Shiatsu). Acupressure Massage is a form of Oriental massage. Acupressure is extremely effective for “hitting the nail on the head” where tension is lodged. Through gentle pressure of specific points, stress and the pain that goes along with it, is released! This enables the client to enjoy a deep state of relaxation. This is an excellent form of massage for athletes, and those that suffer from chronic conditions. Jean also uses Neuro-Muscular Massage and Swedish in her treatment sessions, depending on the needs of the client. Through her method of massage therapy, Headaches, Neck and Shoulder pain, Back pain (upper, middle & lower), Insomnia, Female-related pains and other conditions are helped.

Jean studied Acupressure at the Acupressure Institute in Berkeley, CA, and Massage Therapy at Twin Lakes Healing Art College in Santa Cruz, CA from 1983-1985. In 1991, she completed her apprenticeship with the American Institute of Massage Therapy in Kailua , HI , where she also taught classes on Acupressure and Facial Massage. After receiving her Hawaii Massage Therapy license, she opened up her own practice, Kailua Shiatsu & Massage Therapy. Recently, she has taken additional classes on Neuromuscular Therapy at Core Institute in Tallahassee and is certified in Myofascial Therapy. Her practice specializes in the needs of women. To schedule an appointment, please call (850) 445-3793 for an appointment. Gift Certificates are available.

License numbers MM 24437 / MA 39676