Before Treatment

• Maintain good personal hygiene to reduce the possibility of bacterial infection.
• To prevent loss, do not wear jewelry.
• Wear loose clothing. Women should not wear one-piece dresses. Avoid wearing tight stockings.
• Avoid treatment when excessively fatigued, hungry, full, or emotionally upset.

During Treatment

• Relax!  There is no need to be frightened. Acupuncture needles are super-fine and most people don't even feel the needle insertion.  Most treatments can be given without needles using non-invasive low-level laser techniques!  Ask any questions you have along the way, especially if you have fear of needles!

After Treatment

Patients often experience the most dramatic results in the first treatment. In 90% of the treatments, patients experience an immediate total or partial relief of their pain or other symptoms. In a few cases, there may be no immediate relief after the first treatment, but but results will improve on subsequent visits.  Generally, you should expect to feel better after each treatment you receive, and the pain should stay gone longer each time you are treated.

Most patients will have more questions than this site can answer. Michael Nixon, D.O.M. used to answering questions such as: Should I continue to see my medical doctor? Should I continue taking my present medication? What should I eat? Is there anything I can do for myself at home? What signs of success should I look for first and after how long? 




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